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DATE: Fri, 22 Jul 1994 16:45:36 CDT
From: Jack Ely
Subject: Re: SPAH (next location)

–Boundary (ID kmm5+bxHBG0wP6zPeRZtkw)

–Boundary (ID kmm5+bxHBG0wP6zPeRZtkw)

From: “Jack
Subject: Next SPAH

fjm writes….

>Where is SPAH going to be next year? Not Detroit again? There’s a big
>old world out here west of the Rockies maybe the SPAHers will finally
>figure that out. Memphis did tempt me it was just the wrong timing. I
>didn’t want to miss any of those 116 degree days here. fjm

!!Not confirmed!!

This is not definite yet but according to some early information SPAH will
return to Detroit next year – 1995 (no big surprise – I think SPAH would
like to have an alternate site every other year). SPAH advertised in the
Winter 1994 Harmonica Happenings for someone to sponsor the 1995
convention – apparently no one applied.

St. Louis (Gateway Harmonica Club) has put in a bid to host SPAH in 1996.

P.S. – There were a couple SPAH WEST conventions through the efforts of
the now defunct “Big Harp” which was based in San Jose (I believe this was
a club as well as a [professioal quality] performing group of the same
name). I heard they were very nice affairs — but when some of the heavy
hitters (Al Smith, Nick Verona, Dave Doucette (rip), Tom Stryker, Bob
Berthiume, etc.) left the area or pursued other interests it seems to have
dried up. These affairs don’t happen unless you have some dedicated people
willing to really work their tails off [I would much rather go to a
convention than plan one]. Things are looking up in the West though. The
Santa Clara Valley Harmonica Club (in Palo Alto), under Jim Dinkey’s
leadership, may be the new “Power Club” in the area. Re: The Alaska Cruise
being planned.

Jack Ely – Columbus, Ohio

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