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DATE: Fri, 19 Aug 1994 15:02:12 CDT
From: Bruce Steinberg
Subject: Re: James Harman

Tim, thanks for the great interview excerpt (and encounter-group
facilitation :). I don't see any possible arguments at all,
since this explanation pretty much perfectly reconciles each
blind man's piece of the elephant -- I know I wasn't
hallucinating about the cabinet, Kevin actually saw a single 15"
speaker, and FJM not Barry is right on about stock Pros having
15s. (There's a lesson in here somewhere, grasshopper. :)

And James simply reinforces the recurrent harp-l theme that if
you don't like what you've got, do what it takes to make it the
way you want it.

He also proves himself to be as much of an equipment fetishist as
anyone else -- ask Joe T. if he agrees that James can't play
through anything else but his custom Vibroverb not Pro :).

Right. And Dumbo couldn't fly without his magic feather.

I'd still like to hear him play through a Radio Shack bullhorn. B*



From: ti~p-eug.com (Tim Moody)
Subject: James Harman


*** Copyright 1994 Delta Publications, MississippiSaxophone ***
*** Do Not Reproduce In Any Manner Without ***
*** Express Premission From Delta Publications ***

MS: You mentioned that you made the cabinet yourself.
JH: Ya, it's a custom one.
MS: And the what kind of chassis is that?
JH: It's a 1963 Vibroverb. See Fender went from the tweed amps to the brown
and blonde amps in 1960, and by '63 they wanted to build reverb into an
amp. So they came up with an amp that's all it's own. It was only made for
six months and there were very few of them. I bought that one new and I got
four of them identical. They're in custom built boxes and a little taller
cause I don't like two tens, which is what they come with them. I don't like
tens. I've owned thirteen original Bassmans, and sold every one of them. The
only amp I can play though is the Vibroverb. But I play it through a fifteen
inch Jensen out of an old tweed Pro amp. The one fifteen really works for
me. So, I use the fifteen inch Jensen out of a tweed FenderPro amp in what
looks like a blonde Vibroverb, which is really a brown '63 Vibroverb built
into a custom box to look stock. It's got the blonde knobs, like the
bassmans, so it's all blonde. In fact every amp on my stage is blonde. It's
all blonde. That's my thing.

I hope this dosn't create any argument, my intent was to inform.

Tim Moody