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DATE: Tue, 20 Sep 1994 11:12:50 CDT
From: haandru~mm.com (Harvey A. Andruss, III)
Subject: Re: harmonicas/kids & Mellow Down Easy

Michael wrote:

>Does anybody have an feelings one way or the other about
>what she should get (echo, diatonic, Huang Solo Cadet, what?)?

and then Norbert:

>I bought one of the Hohner knockoffs built in China
>called the "Bluesband" which was only five bucks. This harp is an
>imitation of the Bluesharp, before it went modular. Anyway, she seemed
>to be able to play it just fine (for a 7-year old).

My 3 year old likes this one also (only in C). She just chords, but is
starting to understand where the low and high notes are. This works for
now, but moving to something else will depend on what kind of music she
wants to play, what she's heard, etc (she's into the Lion King stuff right
now, and Mary Poppins).

The kid in _Free Willy_ played a Marine Band diatonic, and my nephews have
watched that video 100s of times in the last year, so I'll be gettin' them
as Christmas gifts (ages 6 and 10).

If Michael's daughter is taking piano and flute lessons, he might want to
start her out with a C chromatic (easiest to read music !?) and maybe a C
diatonic for starters. Others know more about the echo or tremolo models,
but echoing Tim's earlier statement (NPI ;), you get what you pay for.

Regards, haandru~mm.com
Harv *Opinions my own*