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From: (Bert van Oortmarssen)
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 09:19:37 +0100
Subject: astatic DN-50

I am NOT the worlds greatest equipment junkie, but I do own this Astatic
DN-50 serial number B-170043.

This model is about 10 cm long and 6 cm in diameter (thus less bullet
shaped than the JT-30). It is a dynamical microphone (not a crystal) and
it definitely has not the same agressive sound of the familiar JT-30
(although I’ve never tested it on a real amp like my Bassman reissue …
which I only use for guitar playing these days).
The microphone is mounted on a table-stand (model G, serial number 620277),
with a large grip on its side. The inside of this stand has a wiring
diagram, and also a number stamped on it: 1146 (perhaps a date ?).

The microphone/stand connection is a 3-pin amphenol connector. The
combination mic/stand suggests that is was used in a public adress system
(possibly for a large public building or railway station).
I think (just guessing) that the mic was manufactured in the late forties,
but I have no idea how it ended up in Holland (since Astatic is not really
a big name (except for harmonica players) but maybe that was a different
situation some forty years ago … it seems that the famous JT-30 was a
rather common PA-microphone in the early fifties).

If I had a homepage on the WWW, I could show a picture of this mic … but
my I haven’t, so instead take a look at the picture of Arthur ‘Big Boy’
Spires (in Mike Rowe’s Chicago Breakdown, pg 129 or also in the Genesis vol 3
record set), I’m pretty sure that is the same mic (the vocal mic, not the
one Little Willie Smith is using!).

If anyone has more information on this mic, please let me know.


Bert van Oortmarssen