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From: sk~te.com (Rod Thomas/Sandra Teare)
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 07:23:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Chromatic discography

Hey harpers,
Someone asked, so here we go. Here's a discography (an obviously
incomplete one) of "Chicago Chromatic" tunes. I list first, the Band
leader, then the CD title, then the song title. All of these cuts are
played on a key of C chromatic. Some of the LW cuts also include some G
diatonic passages mixed in with the C Chromatic stuff. Some of the George
Smith stuff and the cut by Jerry Portnoy are played with the slide held in.

Little Charlie Captured Live Smart like Einstein
(Rick Estrin on harp) Disturbing the peace V8-Ford

William Clarke Serious intensions Work song
Blowing like hell Greasy Gravy
Must be
like hell

James Harman Black & White Torqueflite
Cards on the table Night Riding Daddy

Little Walter (Jacobs) Boss Blues Harmonica Blue Light


Flying Saucer

Teenage Beat
The Essential LW Lights

Crazy Mixed up World

Blue and Lonesome

Up the Line

Sugar Ray (Norcia) Don't Stand in My Way F. Lee Bailey Blues

Rod Piazza Blues in the dark 4811 wadsworth
Are you out there?
Live at B.B. Kings Diamonds at her feet
Blue hour

Jerry Portnoy Poison Kisses Poison kisses

George Smith Harmonica Ace Blues in the Dark
Oopin' Doopin'
Down in New Orleans

Muddy Waters One More Mile I don't know why
(LW on Harp) Read way Back
Five long Years
Trouble trouble

Kim Wilson Tigerman When the lights go out
Reel Eleven Take one
So all you neophite chromatic players, check out these tunes and go nuts!

- --
Rod Thomas email: sk~te.com