chinese parrot harmonica – weird lowest draw note

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From: (Larry English)
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 97 13:26:25 EST
Subject: chinese parrot harmonica – weird lowest draw note

on a c harp, the lowest draw note is a, instead of what you might expect, g.

i also have seen chinese diatonic accordions from both parrot and hero that
have this same arrangement.

my question is this: is there a name for this arrangement?

all the other notes are the same as a normal harmonica.

also, what do you call it when each position has 4 holes [double reeds per note,
separate blow/draw holes]?

it’s like blowing into a square “honeycomb” – there
is practically no separation between holes. some of the notes have
“tremolo” – a warbling produced by the pairs being slightly detuned, but i
suspect this is accidental as each note seems to have a different amount,
including almost none to about 6 or 7 beats per second.