Re: “Using the Peavey EDI to ‘Mike’ Your Amp”… has anybody here used this?

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From: “Bill Lifford”
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 17:25:33 -0500
Subject: Re: “Using the Peavey EDI to ‘Mike’ Your Amp”… has anybody here used this?

Hi guys,

CrossCutt wrote about the Peavy EDI… has anybody here got any experience
with this? Just picked up a little Champ and it seems like this might be
really helpful.


>Here’s a good article I just ran across, thought I’d post it to the list.
>”Using the Peavey EDI to ‘Mike’ Your Amp”
>Are you aware of the PEAVEY EDI (Equalized Direct Interface)? Don’t feel
>if you haven’t…..even a lot of Peavey dealers do not realize what a neat
>little item it is for the musician who is ‘miking’ their amp through the PA
>What is this EDI…you may ask?? It is little box which looks like many
>DI’s (Direct Boxes, Direct Interfaces), however it is different in that it
>goes between the amplifier output and the speaker. [Regular Direct Boxes
>(DI’s) are used to connect amps, etc. to the Sound Mixer, & are plugged
>directly out of the instrument into the mixer, bypassing any amp & speaker
>tonal qualities]. These units (EDI’s) are also known under other brand
>as a ‘Speaker Director, however the Peavey EDI is designed to work with
>guitar amps, where the player wants to amplify the sound coming from the
>NOTE: This method gives the warmth produced by the speaker, with the same
>results as miking your amp!….compared with taking a direct line out of
>back of your amp chassis which usually ends up very harsh sounding.
>COST: App. $80.00 CAD ~ $59.00 USD, versus $100 to $250 for a good mic &
>stand. NO BLEEDING: Since the EDI takes a direct signal, there is no open
>picking up other sounds. Although most of its application is for live
>performance, this can be great in the studio as well.
>CONVENIENCE: Since the EDI mounts in the back of your amp, you simply plug
>the Lo Z mic cord to connect it to your PA mixer. No extra mic stand to
>clutter up the stage, etc.
>VERSATILITY: The EDI comes with a ‘Timbre’ adjustment, (a small internal
>tuned with a small slot screwdriver), to adjust the response to match you
>particular amp. It comes preset for most Peavey amps, however one may want
>experiment to optimize the sound for your particular amp.
>The EDI comes with two 1/4″ jacks (“From Amp – To Speaker), plus an XLR Lo
>mic jack. At present** the EDI does not have any mounting bracket, so some
>players simply let it sit loose in the back of their amp. I don’t like to
>a chance on it damaging the speaker, etc. in transit, so I attach an
>strip to the back plate with two holes for mounting screws, & mount it on
>inside (side wall) of the amp. NOTE: Mount it on the opposite side away
>the power transformer.
>The Peavey EDI is one of the best kept secrets if you have the need to mic
>your amp. contact your local Peavey Dealer.Remember, insist on the
>just another Direct Box, as there is a vast difference.