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Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 10:36:41 -0400
From: the Leones
Subject: Stage Volume

Larry (Iceman) Isenberg made a great post yesterday about volume and I
felt I had to send an Un-solicited answer. (Larry doesn't even know who I
This guy knows of what he speaks. All one has to do is see him in action
or attend his classes (Elkins College, W. Va. for example). You don't hear
him or Joe Filisko "Blasting" away. What you get is pure sweet tone with
enough technique to boggle your mind.

You can't get the same slurs/draws/slides if you are playing at 100
Roentgens. Listening to the Iceman gives you the chills. Schmooooothe

I was invited to play with a Dixie-Land band, BUT had to pass because
they were A. Too Loud B. Didn't know how to NOT be loud. C. Trumpet
player had worked with the Barnum&Bailey circus and was used to a huge tent
with bad accoustics and a crowd of thousands..........smokey-joe